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East Africa's First

In 1901, The Entebbe Golf Course was opened becoming the first golf course in East Africa. The Uganda Golf Course in Kampala followed in 1908.

Uganda now boasts of 17 golf courses, at least three of which have hosted major tournaments and are considered to be international standard.

Golf in East Africa and for that matter in Uganda was first established at Entebbe Club. This could have been as far back as the year 1900, with the credit to lay out the complex amenities going to none less than Mr. Harry Hamilton Johnston spared not a bit of his expertise in mapping out the Botanic Gardens, the Zoo and the van guard golf course and beach if one would choose to say.

On Par with greats

The Entebbe Golf Club has a modern club house with Satelite TVs, a well stocked bar, changing rooms with showers, a restaurant for club members and visitors.

The holes that make up Entebbe Club golf course are therefore named after great history as;

  • Hole 1

    Par 5 Helmut Gauff
  • Hole 2

    Par 3 Col. LHR Hennessey DSO
  • Hole 3

    Par 4
  • Hole 4

    Par 5
  • Hole 5

    Par 4 Port Alice
  • Hole 6

    Par 3 Entebbe Za Mugula
  • Hole 7

    Par 5
  • Hole 8

    Par 3
  • Hole 9

    Par 4
  • Hole 10

    Par 5
  • Hole 11

    Par 5
  • Hole 12

    Par 3
  • Hole 13

    Par 4 Eric Kirk By’s Eagle
  • Hole 14

    Par 4
  • Hole 15

    Par 5
  • Hole 16

    Par 3 St. John’s Church Pews
  • Hole 17

    Par 4
  • Hole 18

    Par 5 Danny Nkata Munyagwa Wabiri Trial

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