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Ebb club new member Sedakasi claims Chairman’s Cup

New Entebbe club member Christopher Sedakasi. Claimed his first win on his first attempt at the 10th edition of the afriSafe Chiarman’s cup at Entebbe club on Saturday.

The handicap 23 player returned an impressive score of 41 points to claim the overall winners crown and enter the clubs books on the role of honour for this tournament that was being held in gthe 10th time.

Morris Ongwech the men’s group A with an impressive score of 38 points while the Men’s group B winner was Johnson Niwamanya with 40 points

Fred Kasumba calmed the men’s group C with 40 points

Bridget Basiima played off handicap 13 was the ladies group A winner with 36 points while group B winner was Entebbe Club lady captain Rita Apell Akot with 35 points. Over

Overall winner

Christopher sedakasi 41 pts

Winner professional category

Wanzala Fred 68 gross

Winner group A

Ongwech Morris h/c 06 38 pts

Winner group B

Niwamanya Johnson 40 pts

Winner group C

Kasumba Fred  40 pts


Winner group A

Basiima Bridget 36 pts

Winner group b

Rita apell akot 35 pts


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