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Golfers eye chairman’s cup


This Saturday, over 150 golfers are expected to tee off for a bold purpose, ambition and mission at stake in the chairman’s cup.

The Entebbe club chairman’s cup is an annual event played at Entebbe with four clubs (putter included). The event is held every year to celebrate the chairmanship of the reigning leaders at the club

“This four-club event is a true test to the player as she/he does not use all the fourteen clubs maximum permitted that he/she normally uses during a round of golf” the club captain said

“The first test is to select your four clubs and then how you will use them on the course given the fact that the course layout varies with short par threes, the par fours, and fives and then add tree Entebbe golf course that is a test to any golfer”

There is a hole in one special challenge where a winner is expected to win a car on a par 3 hole.

Each passing year has been a golden coating for the annual Entebbe Chairman’s Golf Cup tournament.

For the past 9 years that the event has been organized at the picturesque lake side facility founded in 1901 and every other tournament, has been a complete blend.

First played in 2009. Over the years, the chairman’s cup continues to attract golfers of all skill levels defying the norm that golf can be played with fewer golf clubs

Mode of play: stableford

venue: Entebbe club

Date: 10th Nov

The event is sponsored by Afrisafe  risk consultants


Past winners

2017  lutajani  kemisi  -40pts

2016 shou-ta hang      -37pts

2015  bagalana  ibra  –  39pts

2014   zuber juma     –    42 pts

2013  tabaro Edwin –    40 pts

2012    shaban ram      -40 pts

2011   ndegwa  Anthony- 39 pts

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