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Katerega David wins November monthly mug

Katerega David claimed the Castle Lite November monthly mug at the par 71 Entebbe Golf course.

The handicap 26 golf player returned with a net score of 70 net score to overcome a field of 43 golf players from Entebbe and other clubs in the country.

Group A was topped by Andrew Baguma handicap 09 with a score of 74 nett he was not the only one basking in the limelight Muchiri John handicap 13 winning group B with the net score of 72 net score

Katamba Tony handicap 24 kept his moment by claiming group C with a 72 nett score. Home lady Maxi Byenkya handicap 18 claimed the ladies group A again with a net score of 81

Arikiriza Jemima handicap 37 wrapped up Group B with 70 net score. Guest winner& winner seniors 55+ category were notched by Wesonga Ivan Edward handicap 28 with a net score 0f 79 and M.z kitta handicap 23 with 82 nett respectively.


November monthly mug 2018

Mode of play: medal

Number of participants 43 players

Overall winner

Katerega David (h.c 26) 70 nett

Winner group A

Baguma Andrew (h.c 09) 74 nett

Winner group B

Muchiri John (h.c 13) 72 nett

Runner group B

Mwehaire Robbins h/c 10 72 nett

Winner group c

Katamba Tony (h/c 24) 72 nett

Runner group c

Kabuchu Alfred h/c 21 74 nett


Winner group A

Maxi byenkya (h.c 17) 81 nett

Winner group B

Arikiriza Jemima (h/c 37) 70 nett

Runner group B

Rita Akot Apell (h.c 21 ) 77 nett


Guest winner

Wesonga Ivan (h.c 28) 79 nett

Winner seniors 55+

M.z kitta (h/c 23) 82 nett







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