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When to re-drop ball

Here are the eight instances when a dropped ball must be re-dropped under Rule 20-2c; A dropped ball
must be re-dropped, without penalty, if it:
(i) rolls into and comes to rest in a hazard;

(ii) rolls out of and comes to rest outside a hazard;

(iii) rolls onto and comes to rest on a putting green;

(iv) rolls and comes to rest out of bounds;

(v) rolls to and comes to rest in a position where there is interference by the condition from which relief was taken
under Rule 24-2b (immovable obstruction), Rule 25-1 (abnormal ground conditions), Rule 25-3 (wrong putting
green) or a Local Rule (Rule 33-8a), or rolls back into the pitch-mark from which it was lifted under Rule 25-2
(embedded ball);

(vi) rolls and comes to rest more than two club-lengths from where it first struck a part of the course; or

(vii) rolls and comes to rest nearer the hole than:

(a) its original position or estimated position (see Rule 20-2b) unless otherwise permitted by the Rules; or
(b) the nearest point of relief or maximum available relief (Rule 24-2, 25-1 or 25-3); or
(c) the point where the original ball last crossed the margin of the water hazard or lateral water hazard (Rule 26-1).

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